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Notification of the counterparties of the PJSC “MTB Bank” being the subjects of the personal data of their personal data processing

According to the Law of Ukraine “On personal data protection” the PJSC “MTB Bank” (hereinafter the Bank) hereby notifies the subjects of the personal data entering / conducting the business relations with the Bank in the field of economic activity—the counterparties/ potential counterparties: individuals, individuals-entrepreneurs, authorized persons or legal entities, counterparties’ representatives of their personal data processing:

The purpose of collection, processing and usage of the personal data is fulfillment of the economic, administrative legal, tax relations in the field of the accounting, provision of the keeping/storage of the required statistical information to conclude, register, execute, maintain the economic agreements on the goods supply, workds performance, services rendering, lease/rent, purchase/sale of the movables and immovable, cooperation, organization of Bank procurements related to its economic activity, informing of the potential participants, consideration of their documents, for satisfaction of the other needs providing the economic activity of the Bank, protection and implementation of its rights and/or required for fulfillment of the responsibilities taken according to the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine, the charter of the Bank and internal documents of the Bank regulating this activity.    

The personal data include the information envisaged by the current legislation of Ukraine, necessary for identification of the individuals-entrepreneurs counterparties, authorized persons of the legal entities, authorized persons of the individuals-counterparties, legal entities –counterparties in the volumes envisaged with the legislation of Ukraine and/or the conditions of the corresponding internal documents of the Bank.  

The place of storage of the personal data is the Personal data Database “Bank Customers” located by the address: 11 Polskyi Descent, Odessa, Odessa region, 65026, Ukraine

The owner of the personal data is Public Joint Stock Company “MTB Bank”, USREOU code (United State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Organizations of Ukraine) 2160966, address: 28, Lenina str., Chornomorsk, Odessa region, 68003, Ukraine

The personal data may be provided according to the current legislation of Ukraine to the power-enforcement authorities, judicial authorities, State taxation Administration of Ukraine, other bodies of state power in cases envisaged with the current legislation of Ukraine, to the other persons if it is envisaged with the legislation of Ukraine and/or the conditions of the business relations between the Bank and the counterparties.

The rights of the personal data subject.

According to the Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine “On personal data protection” the personal data subject is entitled with the right to:

Personal non-material rights for the personal data own by every natural person are the inseparable and solid ones.

Personal data processing on the racial or ethnic origin, political, religious attitudes or worldview, membership in the political associations as well as the data related to the health or sexual life of the customer is not performed.

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