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The way to protect your financial number

The way to protect your financial number - photo -

Protecting your financial number from fraudsters

SIM card scams are gaining momentum. Fraudsters make a "SIM card " duplicate of the financial number and get access to bank accounts.

What is a financial number?

This is a mobile phone number (smartphone) linked to a bank account or several accounts at once. It is to this number that you receive your card balance statements and download the bank's mobile applications in. If a fraudster has somehow obtained your financial number, he will try to manage your accounts in his favor.

Who is at risk?

Subscribers who purchase packages from mobile operators without reference to the personal data of the package user (passport), i.e. prepaid customers, are not identified in the mobile operator's database. This creates an opportunity for manipulating the SIM card. Simply said, it is easy to "steal" it.

How do fraudsters do this?

They call you until you answer or call back. This way, they record their number in your contact history. As soon as this happens, the fraudster goes to your mobile operator and tells them that the card is lost / damaged. The operator asks you to name three numbers that you talked to or called – and reissues the card. That's all. From now on, your bank account is under his control. Moreover, the password for logging in to online banking systems is easy to find - for some reason, people act carelessly in choosing passwords.

When does "SOS" start sound?

Did you notice that your phone doesn't work? The "network" disappeared? It is best to contact the bank and block the cards. It's better to be safe than lose everything. It is also useful to change the number and then unlock the card and account. But, after that you will need to contact the bank and change the financial number in the bank's system.

Is there a way to ensure peace of mind and save money?

The way to protect your financial number - photo 2 - It is! Get a separate SIM card, exclusively for the financial number. Never "reveal" it anywhere.

The way to protect your financial number - photo 3 - mtb.uaSwitch to a contract with a mobile operator (it will be almost impossible to make a duplicate SIM card)

Is your prepaid SIM of an extreme value to you? Remember a few ironclad rules:

The way to protect your financial number - photo 4 - Unknown number is dangerous! Don't answer or call back! If you are really needed, you will be sent a message in Messenger, SMS, or email.

The way to protect your financial number - photo 5 - mtb.uaDon't "shine out" your financial number online.

The way to protect your financial number - photo 6 - mtb.uaSet a ban on replacing the SIM card through the telecom operator.

The way to protect your financial number - photo 7 - Go with your passport and TIN code to any branch of the operator and register your number - now you can only replace the SIM card at the branch.

The way to protect your financial number - photo 8 - mtb.uaRemember: a bank employee will never ask you about the CVV code that is located on the back of the payment card. In any questionable situation, immediately contact the bank at the phone number indicated on your card.

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