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Offer “Sefarer Bonus”

PJSC “MTB Bank” offers its customers to accept the special offer “Sefarer Bonus”

The sailor who is the customer (existing or new) the PJSC “MTB Bank” within the period from 10th May to 1st of September may use the benefits of the special offer “Sefarer bonus”.

Advantageous and comfortable rate packages:

“Sea Wolf” (the first year of servicing—1 year, second year—250 UAH)

“VIP Sea Card” (first year of servicing—1 year, second year—400 UAH)*

 Loyalty program under the special offer “Sefarer Bonus”:



 Each sailor-customer applying to any subdivision of the PJSC “MTB Bank” by the 31st of December 2018 with one of the promo-cards raffled off on the 10th-11th of May 2018 at the International forum “Education, Training and Employment of the Sailors” will receive one of the prizes indicated in the promo-card:


*Without issue of the service cards Priority Pass and Concierge Service. These services are rendered to the customers by the additional payment at option.


The Sailor, who wishes to participate in the special offer shall be the customer of the bank (existing or new)


Rules of lottery campaign of “MTB Bank” 

  1. All the guests of the forum are provided with the invitation flyer at entrance by the employees of PJSC “MTB Bank”.
  2. The guest of the forum who wishes to participate in the Prizes-For-All Lottery shall write his/her personal data—surname, name, patronymic and contact phone number handed in by the employee of the PJSC “MTB Bank”  at the entrance. *
  3. The guest of the forum who wishes to participate in the lottery shall himself/herself take the promo-card from the vessel leaving instead the invitation flyer with contact information to the forum participant—the employee of the bank;
  4.  The cardholder or the thermocup from the PJSC “MTB Bank” is provided by the bank employee to the guest participating in the lottery at site.
  5. If the prize is the discount provision of the bank product, than the promo-card remains with the guest of the forum and shall be kept until the service is rendered.
  6. The promo-card shall be signed by the guest of the forum—this means the consent to receive the prize.
  7. The offer to get the product from PJSC “MTB Bank” with the bonus indicated in the promo-card is valid till the 31st of December 2018 (under the condition of showing the promo-card)
  8. Prizes for the lottery participants:


- Cardholder;


*The employ of the  bank may use the contact data of the guest of the forum to inform the guest on the special offers/ services/products of the bank.

**All privileges correspond to the rate package

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