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Business Loans for the Purchase of Real Estate

as per calculation of limit
Interest rate per annum from 20,5 %
up to 10 years

We are ready to help you in acquiring commercial real estate both for legal entities and for individuals-entrepreneurs of all industries and types of activities. We provide financing for buyers for purchasing of premises for offices, warehouses, shops and other non-residential premises secured by the acquired real estate. In a currency convenient for you (UAH, USD, EUR) and with the shortest period of consideration of documents


Simple and convenient loan scheme

Possibility of obtaining a preliminary decision

Flexibility of pricing policy. The Bank individually approaches the large projects for corporate clients

Optimal loan period for the purchase of real estate

The shortest possible time for consideration of documents for a loan

Absence of commission for early repayment and absence of hidden commissions

Quick review of the loan application

To apply for - fill out an application and our officer will soon contact you.


  • The term for granting a loan is up to 10 years;
  • Loan repayment - monthly in equal shares;
  • Property insurance (annually) - ~ 0.4% of the appraised value;
  • Insurance partner - in agreement with the bank;
  • Valuation of property by an independent expert - by agreement;
  • Notarization of the contract of pledge - ~ 100 $  for services + state. duty.

General tariffs

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Repayment of a loan

Payment of the commission for the provision of a loan - on the day of registration of the transaction;

Payment of accrued interest - monthly in full;

Payment of the principal debt on a loan - monthly, in equal shares

Loan application

After you send the application, the employee of the Bank will call you and will inform the procedure of registration of this loan in the Bank's branch

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