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MTB BANK began supporting Garmin Pay service

MTB BANK began supporting Garmin Pay service - photo -

Contactless payment technologies are gaining in popularity - today it is extremely important for bank customers to spend less time on payment transactions. Contactless payment cards and the ability to pay in a store or transport using a smartphone - that's not all. What could be more convenient than a watch for this purpose? Especially for people with an active lifestyle. You don’t need to take a wallet with cards and a smartphone for training or jogging. Enough hours to buy water or pay a subscription.

Just a year ago, Garmin Pay service began to be supported by Ukrainian banks, and today it has become available to MTB BANK customers, VISA cardholders. Garmin Pay allows you to “link” a bank card to a Garmin wristwatch and pay for purchases or services with one touch using NFC contactless payment technology. This is not only a quick and convenient, but also a secure payment method. To perform this operation, you need to activate the wallet menu on the watch and enter the password that was set when creating the wallet in the Garmin Connect Mobile application. After that, just attach the clock to the terminal at the checkout. By the way, as soon as you have successfully entered the password, payments without additional password entry will be made within 24 hours while you wear the watch. But if you remove the watch from your wrist or turn off the heart rate monitor, you will need to enter the password again before making the payment. You can add several MTB BANK cards to your Garmin Pay wallet and use all bonuses in the same way as with payment card settlements.

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