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E-limits for individuals to perform currency transactions.

The current NBU E-limit allows the client, within a calendar year, transferring foreign currency abroad for a total amount of up to 100 000 euros (equivalent of this amount in another foreign currency at the official hryvnia exchange rate to foreign currencies, established by the National Bank on the date of the corresponding E-limits).

E-Limit is an electronic client’s transactions limit, within which the National Bank allows money transfers for:

The E-limit cannot be issued (received) for a currency transaction that has already been performed. The E-limit is issued to an individual without the right to be assigned to other persons.

The E-limit is the basis for performing currency transaction by an individual only on the day it has been issued.

The required package of documents for the E-limit registration:

E-limit for legal entities and individuals - entrepreneurs aimed at performing separate currency transactions.

The product «E-limit for legal entities to perform currency transactions» means the possibility for legal entities and individuals - entrepreneurs to obtain limits with the help of an NBU automated information system on the implementation of certain currency transactions comply with the legislation of Ukraine, namely:

Participation in tenders;
Payment of bonuses, awards and more;
Execution of the guarantor's functions between non-residents;
Gratuitous financial assistance;
Grant transfers (unregistered as the technical aid).

A resident (legal entity / individual entrepreneur) is allowed to perform currency transactions for the purpose of implementing his / her business activity for transferring funds from Ukraine / to current accounts of non-residents - legal entities, opened in Ukraine (except investment accounts), for a calendar year and for the total amount not exceeding cumulatively 2,000,000 euros inclusive (equivalent of this amount in other foreign currency / hryvnia at the official exchange rate of hryvnia to foreign currencies, established by the National Bank on the date of the relevant transaction).

For more detailed consultation and registration, please, contact your account manager:

On the issues of servicing individuals:
On the issues of servicing legal entities / individuals of entrepreneurs:

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