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Tax Agent Services

MTB Bank provides comprehensive services that help clients to effectively conduct business. They include underwriting and custody of securities, as well as tax support for transactions related to them.

How tax charges and deductions are made

The set of tax agent services is designed to facilitate the client's business activities. It is provided on the basis of an agreement between the parties or the rules enshrined at the legislative level. All transactions related to it are carried out with the participation of the relevant bank departments.

As part of the additional service, MTB clients receive:

For detailed information on the terms of charges and deductions, call the phone numbers in the header of the website.


As a tax agent, MTB helps to save time and money that is usually spent on payments and settlements with a third-party contractor. In order to receive investment income, the client can carry out trading in securities. To do this, the client needs to enter into an agreement with the bank as with a securities trader licensed by the National Securities and Stock Market Commission. To place assets in a safe vault, the client needs to arrange for safe custody of redeemed securities. Find out about these and other MTB services by visiting the nearest branch, submitting an electronic application or calling the attached phone numbers.

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