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Foreign Currencies Sale

Bank performs the sale of the foreign currency on the Ukrainian Inter-bank Currency Market (UIBCM) on the clients’ instructions and according to the needs of the Bank.

The transactions on the inter-bank currency market are performed by the bank in the following currencies: USD, EUR, RUB, GBP, CHF.

Currency exchange transactions are performed by the bank in scopes of the limits of open risks concerning counterparties and the terms, regularly overlooked, which are set by ALCO (Assets and Liabilities Committee).

The bank performs constant work on facilitating the cooperation with new counterparties, thus extending the network of partners. Except for the operations in scopes of the set limits, the bank also proposes to the counterparties the performance of currency exchange transactions on a pre-paid basis.

PJCS «MTB BANK» has made a reputation for itself as a reputable partner on the inter-bank market.             

The quotations of the PJCS «MTB BANK» on the inter-bank currency market can be viewed on a page in REUTERS - FX=MTBA.

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