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Payment System «Сity 24»

    PJSC «MTB BANK» from 26.12.2018. Became a participant in the Internal Payment System «Сity 24» (hereinafter IPS «Сity 24»).

    Limited Liability Company «Financial Company» FENIX «(hereinafter - LLC «FC «FENIX») (01042, Kyiv, Novopechersky lane, 5) belongs to non-bank financial institutions and is a payment organization of the Internal Payment System «Сity 24» (NBU certificate №36 dated 02.08.2017 on the harmonization of the rules of the payment system).

    According to the Agreement № ПС-У-14/2018 from 11.30.2018. Customers of PJSC «MTB BANK» have the opportunity through the system of distance servicing, namely, the software and technical complex of self-service (hereinafter - Payment terminal), which will be located at the points of service of clients of LLC «ODESAGAZ - SUPPLY»*, to pay for service of gas supply in favor of LLC «ODESAGAZ - SUPPLY» (code EDRPOU 39525257)

* Places for placement of Payment terminal will be published at the beginning of the Services, which will be further reported on the official website of the Bank.

Terms of payment for the gas supply service in favor of LLC «ODESAGAZ - SUPPLY»  on the IPS «City24»*
Types of services of PJSC «MTB BANK» as a participant of IPS «City24» Payment for gas supply services in favor of LLC «ODESAGAZ - SUPLLY» through Payment terminal
Procedure for transferring funds Acceptance from the Payers with the help of self-service cash terminals in the national currency for the transfer of funds to the Recipient of the amount of payment in non-cash form
Time limits for crediting recipients The deadlines for transferring funds to the recipient of LLC «ODESAGAZ - SUPPLY» for the gas service are transferred to the next business day, or several previous weekends or holidays.
Name of the recipients of funds in favor of money transfers and with which the relevant agreements are concluded. LLC "ODESAGAZ - SUPPLY" in accordance with the agreement on accepting payments from the population
The cost of services Will be published at the beginning of the service, which will be further reported on the official website of the Bank.
Information about location of software and technical complexes of self-service Will be published at the beginning of the service, which will be further reported on the official website of the Bank.
Procedure for resolving disputes between PJSC «MTB BANK» and users of the system In accordance with the rules of the IPS «City24», disputes arising between participants and users are resolved through negotiations. If the agreement is not reached by negotiation, the dispute will be resolved in court.
Types of money transfer funds The transfer of funds is made exclusively in the national currency of Ukraine (UAH).
Cash withdrawal units used to make money transfers.

* The service is scheduled to be introduced in 2020, which will be further announced on the official website of PJSC «MTB BANK».

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