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Internet-Banking MTB-B

Welcome to the new Internet-Banking MTB-B version

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With the Internet-Banking MTB-B system, you can:

  • create payments in national and foreign currencies;
  • view statements, balances and turnover on your accounts;
  • generate requests for purchase, sale and currency conversion;
  • work with several companies in one window (Financial Control Center);
  • export and import data to your accounting or ERP/BI systems.

Advantages of the Internet-Banking MTB-B system:

  • Comprehensive remote banking service — no Bank visits are required to make payments.
  • Reducing the operational errors probability — you do not need to complete payment orders manually, which allows avoiding mechanical errors.
  • Document templates eliminate a large amount of manual work.
  • Savings, i.e., the rates for making payments using the Internet-Banking MTB-B system are lower than those for making payments on hard copies.
  • Guaranteed level of security - theInternet-Banking MTB-B system is encrypted, and the communication channel is encrypted too. The certified cryptographic tools are used for operations.
  • Ability to work with MTB Bank from anywhere in the world.

To enter the Internet-Banking MTB-B system, you must:

  • Contact your account manager at the branch.
  • Sign an application on the provision of services in the Internet-Banking MTB-B system
  • Get primary certificates and login to the Internet-Banking MTB-B system
  • Generate permanent EDS keys (from your workplace) in the Internet-Banking MTB-B system and send a request to the Bank for the EDS keys certification.

If you are using a laptop, bring it to our branch and we will help you to install and set up the Internet-Banking MTB-B for you to operate.

What's new in the MTB-B Internet Bank system?

Updates in October 2022
Updates in April 2022
Updates in September 2021
Data Updating as of April 2021
Data Updating as of February 2021



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