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Change PIN in ATM

Every card holder of international payment cards of PJSC “MTB BANK” may change their PIN-code in the bank’s ATM. The service doesn’t require additional registration and processing and thus additional attending of the bank, consequently saving your time..

In order to change the PIN code in the ATM you need to perform the following actions (in the order stated below):

  1. Put the card in the ATM’s receiving slit; 
  2. Enter your PIN code on the keyboard; 
  3. Choose the option “Change the PIN”;
  4. Enter your old PIN code;
  5. Enter your new PIN code;
  6. Enter your new PIN code once again to confirm the change.

This service provides the card holder with possibility to change the PIN code multiple times and also to have the same PIN code for several cards and thus to facilitate their usage substantially.

Price for changing the PIN code in the ATM – 10 UAH.

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