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Transfer from card to card

Technology of payments security 3D Secure

PJSC “MTB BANK” is constantly working on the improvement of the cards security of their clients, using the state of the art technologies. With the view of it bank offers their client to use the 3D Secure technology free of charge, which provides the highest level of security of Online operation with the card.

Advantages of using 3D Secure:

Attention! If the card is connected to the 3D Secure service, but the web-site doesn’t support the 3D Secure technology, then the operation is conducted in general mode (without OTP entering).

About technology

The improvement of the security level of payments in the Internet on the web-site, maintaining the 3D Secure technology, is reached via entering additional identification of the card holder. Such identification is reached via entering the OTP (one time password), which is automatically sent by Bank during the Operation via the SMS. The phone number used in the SMS-banking is used.

3D Secure automatically and free of charge:

The procedure of payment for goods and services with the card with enabled 3D Secure technology:

  1. TThe card holder processes the payment and posts the necessary card details (the card number, the validity term, the CVV2 code) on the web-site of the retail and service outlet;
  2. Then the automatic redirection to the secured web-site is done along with the simultaneous sending of the SMS to the client with the OTP. The SMS comes from the number  10943;
  3. The client enters the received OTP in the special form on the bank’s web-site;
  4. Then the automatic redirection to the retail and service outlet web-site is performed along with the payment.

Acquisition and entering of the OTP is an additional identification of the card holder and simultaneous the checking of the card terms validity, thus guaranteeing the minimal risk of non-authorised transactions in the Internet.

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