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Retirement Deposit

from 100 UAH
Interest rate, % per annum
UAH : 7,9% - 9,6
from 3 up to 18 months
Calculation of the profitability of the deposit
Importantly! The amount of the calculation is approximate and will be specified in the Bank's branch. There are no payments for additional and related services of the Bank.
Deposit amount
Term of deposit, month
Annual rate
Estimated income after tax
Payment letter
Deposit amount
Deposit term
Deposit percentage
Estimated income before tax
The amount of taxes on income
Military fee
Income tax of individuals
Estimated income after tax
Interest rate after taxes

Many people are trying to save money “for an old age”. MTB Bank proposes today’s pensioners to safeguard and augment their hryvnia savings! The Retirement deposit program offers the maximum interest rate of with the minimum opening deposit amount. You will also find other attractive deposit programs offered by our bank: Term, Cumulative and many more.

Any pensioner can open a deposit for 3 months or more by depositing as little as 100 hryvnias. We will give you an international payment card with no monthly fee as a gift. You may choose to have your deposit interest credited to this card monthly for withdrawal as an extra money on top of your pension, or request the entire interest amount earned by your deposit to be transferred to your card upon maturity. In addition, you may add funds to your deposit account at any time for the duration of deposit term, whenever you wish or have money to spare.



Currency: hryvnia;

Term: 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 18 months;

Minimum deposit amount: 100 UAH;

Deposit replenishment: provided without restrictions;

Interest payment: monthly or at the end of the term;

Interest capitalization: provided (monthly);

Free withdrawal: not provided;

Return terms: after the end of the term;

Automatic renewal: provided (at the Client's choice);

Early termination: not provided.

Loyalty program

When placing any bank deposit (UAH, USD, EURO), the depositor can issue a personal payment card Visa Classic tariff package «Card for payments» - without charging for the issue and settlement and cash service of this PC.

Issuance of a payment card of another class is carried out in accordance with the Tariffs for servicing the current account using a payment card.

With the automatic prolongation of the Bank Deposit Agreement, an automatic rate increase is provided: + 0.2% to the base rate for deposits in national currency.

Income tax

According to the Tax Code of Ukraine, personal income tax is withheld in the amount of 18% of the amount of accrued interest on the deposit and an additional military tax is withheld in the amount of 1.5% of the amount of accrued interest.

How to open a deposit

To open a Retirement or any other deposit (Maritime, Hit the Ten, Mobile Capital, etc.), simply:

  • call us at the number provided on our website,
  • request a callback, or
  • complete an inquiry form.

Our operators will answer any questions you might have. You can also receive information at any MTB Bank branch in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Poltava and other cities.

Required documents

To open a deposit, you will be asked to provide your:

  • passport of the citizen of Ukraine,
  • TIN.

Choose an advantageous offer from MTB Bank and earn money on your savings!

To establish a deposit - fill out an application and our staff will contact you as soon as possible.


Personal manager who will support you throughout the service stage

Free registration of a payment card to receive %

Guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund

MTB BANK received the highest rating for the reliability of bank deposits (deposits) “5” assigned by the specialized rating agency  “Credit-Rating”. The date of awarding the high mark is 24.02.2009. The date of the last confirmation is 10/29/2020.

Interest rate, % per annum

month months

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Deposit application

After you have sent an application, a Bank officer will call you and inform you about the procedure of execution of the service package in the Bank department

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