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Factoring is a financial instrument used by suppliers trading on a fixed deferred payment basis. Like overdraft, it helps to conduct continuous settlements with counterparties.

Factoring benefits

The benefits of factoring are:

Factoring terms

At MTB Bank a factoring financing agreement can be issued for a period of up to 12 months with prolongation. Our warranties:

We provide property rights under contracts, goods in circulation and guarantee of business owners. You can also use available credit lines.

How does factoring work?

To begin, conclude a contract for the supply of goods with a fixed deferred payment. After the appearance of receivables on the balance sheet, contact the MTB branch in any city of Ukraine. After the conclusion of the contract, we will provide factoring financing in exchange for the assignment of the rights of the monetary claim through the contact transferred to factoring services. According to the agreement, the buyer will pay off the cost of goods already in favor of MTB Bank.

To order a service or get information about available technical loans, call us or fill out an electronic application.

Service order «Factoring»

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