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Implementation of operations repo

Repo is a transaction that MTB Bank carries out in order to issue or raise funds against collateral in the form of securities in case of a client's need. In addition, the bank is ready to create safe conditions for safe custody of securities, grant loans for the purchase of goods, etc.

Repo transaction – what is that

As part of the service, MTB Bank raises or provides funds required by the counterparty. The guidelines for the transaction are:

The information is processed by the securities department. When there is a need to change the terms of the concluded agreement, an additional agreement is concluded with new terms.

How the repo transaction is carried out

The service allows MTB Bank to raise or provide funds secured in the form of securities that circulate on the stock market in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. Legal entities or financial institutions act as counterparties.


The repo transaction is available to counterparties with liquid securities. The agreement is made in national currency (hryvnia) for a term of minimum three days. Interest is paid at the end of the term.


When registering a repo transaction, the counterparty can build liquidity management based on their needs. Learn about the benefits of this investment solution by calling the attached phone numbers.

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