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Implementation of operations repo

«MTB БАНК» is engaged in the implementation of repo transactions, mainly against the security of domestic government loan bonds. If necessary, the counterparty, the bank provides / raises funds, the counterparty provides its own securities to complete the transaction, the specialists of the securities department are guided by the market value of the securities, the bank’s internal policy and the necessary period of need for borrowed funds. This information is processed by the securities department. If the counterparty «MTB БАНК» intends to change the terms of the repo transaction, the department’s specialists will do everything possible to meet the counterparty’s needs.

How is repo compiled

«MTB БАНК» provides / raises funds for government securities (and other securities), which are rotated in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine. The counterparty to the repo transaction can be both financial institutions and legal entities.


  • Flexibility in managing liquidity;
  • Quick review of the appeal;
  • An additional source of funding for current needs;
  • The ability to have additional funds from a good investment decision.


  • For counterparties with good financial condition;
  • Contract currency - hryvnia;
  • Duration of the contract - from 3 days
  • Ownership of liquid securities;
  • Payment of interest - at the end of the term.

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