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Paying Agent Services

When making payments that are associated with the circulation of securities, the issuer encounters inconveniences that hinder the efficient conduct of business activities. MTB Bank helps optimize them and is ready to take on the role of a paying agent and provide conditions for safe custody of  securities.


Acting as a paying agent, MTB Bank conducts monetary transactions related to the circulation of the client's securities. They are provided on the basis of a bilateral agreement on behalf of and at the expense of the client. The client in these relations is the party that is the owner or issuer of the securities.

As a paying agent, the bank:

For transactions related to tax charges and deductions, the client can arrange a set of tax agent services.


MTB Bank carries out custody, dealer and brokerage activities on the basis of state licenses issued by the National Securities and Stock Market Commission of Ukraine. They allow the bank to take on the functions of a paying agent and help you manage your business effectively. By entering into an agreement with the bank, the client can count on:

In addition, the bank conducts repo transactions. Find out about this service by calling the numbers in the header of the website.

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