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With Corporate Securities

MTB BANK provides citizens of Ukraine with services related to transactions with corporate securities by offering a full range of brokerage services on the OTC and stock exchange markets.

Services offered by MTB BANK 

MTB BANK is ready to purchase and sell securities (shares, bills, corporate bonds) on the instruction of the customer. This allows non-experienced and experienced investors to exercise control and keep the market of financial instruments at the professional level.

The bank offers its customers the following services:

Every investor is provided with a personal specialist who will assist in making the investment decisions, timely analyzes the investment opportunities, fulfills requests, provides information about the state of the financial market on the basis of deep analysis.

Advantages of investments via MTB BANK

By entrusting the bank with the purchase and sale of securities on his behalf, the customer reserves the right of choice. Due to the fact that the companies issuing financial instruments operate in different sectors of the economy, he can expect diversification of investment risks.

As compared to bank deposits and government securities, financial instruments have higher yields. Moreover, trading via the bank allows to independently analyze profitability and risk, taking into account the investment horizon.

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