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Virtual card DIGITAL

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Virtual card DIGITAL

Digital - a virtual card created to develop e-commerce, allows you to quickly issue and activate the card. You can issue a card through the MTB360 mobile application, but for this you must be an identified client of MTB Bank. Digital Virtual Card is a card number and related details required for non-cash payments and Internet transactions provided by the Bank to the Client in the form of a reference card (without the actual issuance of a payment card).

Use a virtual card as a universal payment method around the world.

Also, you can use a virtual card:

  • make non-cash payments for goods and services in trading terminals using Google Pay / Apple Pay.
  • withdraw cash at ATMs that support the NFC feature.


possibility of instant registration in the MTB360 Mobile Application or during the Client's visit to the Bank - within 15 minutes;

3D Secure online secure payment service;

Contactless payment for purchases with Google Pay;

conducting non-cash payments in outlets (Google Pay / Apple Pay) and the Internet - no commission;

E-mail banking / Mobile application "MTB360" / SMS - banking;

without physical media: only number, validity and CVV-code;

an international card that cannot be lost or stolen. You do not need to enter your primary card details on the sites.

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  • card type:

Visa Classic (available for registration to all Clients in the Bank branch and current Clients of the Bank mobile application "MTB360")

MasterCard Gold (available for registration in the MTB360 mobile application for current Bank Clients);

  • card validity: Visa Classic - 1 year / MasterCard Gold - 3 years;
  • currency: UAH / USD / EUR;
  • registration of the main card: in the mobile application "MTV360" - free of charge / in the Bank's branch - UAH 100;
  • CDS fee: not charged;
  • registration / maintenance of an additional card of equal class: not provided;
  • non-reducible account balance: no
  • interest accrued on the account balance: not accrued;
  • cash replenishment of the Bank's cash desk account: no commission;
  • non-cash crediting of funds within the Bank: without commission;
  • non-cash crediting of funds from other banks: no commission;
  • cash withdrawal from the Bank's cash desk: 1% min. 5 hryvnias;
  • cash withdrawal at ATMs of other Ukrainian banks: 1.5% min. 5 грн. (equivalent USD / EUR)
  • cash withdrawals at cash registers and ATMs of other Ukrainian banks: 1.5% + UAH 5. (USD/EUR eq.)
  • SMS-banking: UAH 20 / month
  • Push notifications: free
Download the MTВ360 application

Virtual card «VISA VIRTUON» by MTB BANK • to issue virtual card «VISA VIRTUON» in Ukraine - photo - mtb.uaVirtual card «VISA VIRTUON» by MTB BANK • to issue virtual card «VISA VIRTUON» in Ukraine - photo 2 -

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Essential characteristics of the package
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