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Vehicle Purchase

up to 5 000 000 UAH
Real annual interest rate: from 45,85% to 86,6% annual
up to 7 years

MTB BANK provides an opportunity to purchase a new. Also, our bank offers a loan program secured by a deposit, under which we extend funds for consumer needs.

This program is collateral-based, as well as loans for purchase and loans secured by real estate.

Calculator from "Vehicle Purchase"


Individual approach to the client

Absence of binding to a particular car dealership

Fixed interest rate

To apply for - fill out an application and our officer will soon contact you.


Conditions for the purchase of new cars

Loan currency: UAH

Loan term: up to 84 months

Interest rate per annum: 17.2%

Monthly fee: is absent

One-time commission: 1.5% the loan amount

Security: purchased vehicle

Additional payments on the loan «Vehicle Purchase»
Ways of Taking Out a Loan

To calculate interest on a loan and take part in a favorable program, contact us in one of the following ways:

  • call the hotline number,
  • file an application,
  • order call back.
Package of Documents

To take out a loan for a used car or truck, you will need to provide:

  • civil passport;
  • TIN;
  • marriage registration or divorce certificate;
  • documents that confirm the income of the borrower (spouse);
  • documents confirming ownership of real estate or other property;
  • bank deposit agreement, if any;
  • documents containing information about other loans;
  • borrower driver’s license;
  • copy of the civil passport, TIN and marriage registration or divorce certificate of the seller,
  • certificate of ownership of the car;
  • documents for the transaction.

For a complete list of documents and information on interest-free and collateral-free credit lines Easy Loan, Marine), contact us.

According to Art. 17 of the Law of Ukraine «On Consumer Lending» The Borrower has the right

Attention! According to Art. 17 of the Law of Ukraine «On Consumer Lending» The Borrower has the right to repay the consumer loan in full or in part ahead of schedule at any time, including by increasing the amount of periodic payments, notifying the Lender in writing.

Also, the Borrower has the right to cancel the consumer loan agreement (credit card) within 14 calendar days from the date of this agreement (in case of cancellation of such agreement, the client pays interest for the period from the date of receipt of funds to the day of their return at the interest rate established by this agreement, and performs other actions provided for by the Law of Ukraine “On Consumer Lending” or the agreement).


Essential characteristics of the loan "Car on credit (new car)"
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Repayment of a loan

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With the help of Internet-Banking

Loan (credit card) application

After You have sent an application, a Bank officer will call you and inform you about the procedure of execution of the service package in the Bank department.

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