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Transfer from card to card


Remote maintenance

Remote maintenance allows the customers to independently manage their bank accounts: to control the accounts balances and obtain statements of the accounts, make payments and transfers, as well as obtain cash.

E-Banking services

Mobile banking

MTB Plus - is a mobile application for individuals, which allows bank customers to remotely control their cards using mobile devices based on Android and iOS (iPhone), and allows you to perform the following functions:

Mobile banking features:

  •  create transfers in national currency from your cards to cards of any banks in Ukraine (transfers between bank cards are free);
  • generate statements and view balances on your cards;
  • replenish your mobile phone account, pay for utilities and other services by choosing a non-cash service from a large list of built-in payments;
  • view balances on currency cards;
  • add cards of other banks to the application and make transfers from them and pay for services;
  • store the masked card number of the recipient in the appropriate directory to speed up subsequent transfers;
  • set the necessary limits on the number of operations and the maximum amount of payment by payment card;
  • Perform instant blocking or unlocking of your payment card (in case of loss or location of the card);
  • receive current exchange rates;
  • find out the location of the nearest view of the bank or ATMs;

You can download the application at the following links:


For Android devices


For iOS (iPhone) devices

SMS banking

SMS banking allows the holders of the payment cards issued by the PJSC “MTB Bank&rdquo

  • to receive instant SMS-messages containing the information on the funds flow on the accounts to the mobile phone;
  • to be anytime informed on the card account balance using special SMS-request;
  • to be informed on the expiration of the validity term of the payment card in advance;
  • to be informed on the new special offers of the bank. 

After the transaction with the card (for example after receiving the funds in the ATM, payment in the shop or salary receipt) the corresponding SMS will be immediately sent to your phone. 

To connect SMS-banking service please contact the office of the bank.

SMS-banking for payment cards—brief instruction

SMS-banking service allows the holders of the payment cards of the bank to receive instant SMS containing the information on the receipt/withdrawal transactions on the card account and account balance to the mobile phone.

The customer will receive the SMS on any financial transactions resulting to the change of the card account balance to the amount exceeding 5UAH/USD/EUR (depending on the card account currency). 

Using special SMS-request the service additionally allows the customer to obtain the information on the account balance. 

SMS-messages are instant, sent immediately after the transaction with the card (for example, after the funds are obtained from the ATM, payment in the shop or salary receipt). 

Combined use of the Internet-Banking service and SMS-banking service allows to fully and timely control the card accounts. 

Connection to the service

In the process of service connection, the customer receives a special access code with the help of which the customer may send SMS-requests on the card balance.

When the customer is being connected to the SMS-banking service, the following message is received to the mobile phone:


proving successful connection to the service.

Receiving messages on transactions

Paying for the purchases/services with the card, withdrawing the cash funds, debiting the funds from the card or receiving the funds to the card the customer automatically receives the SMS-messages with information on the transaction amount and account balance.

The messages are sent from the alfa-numerical number MARFIN in the following form (the messages format may be subject to change by the bank):

For example:

  •     MTB: Rahunok *1234: +5000.00 Dostupno:60000.00 Over:10000.00 Rahunok:50000.00 [2014-02-17 12:50:12] Tel:0800500255
  •     MTB: Karta *1234: -5000.00 Dostupno:60000.00 Over:10000.00 Rahunok:50000.00 [2014-02-17 12:50:12] SHOP EVEREST ODESA UA Tel:0800500255

Receiving the information on the account balance

To get the information on the account balance it is necessary to send the SMS-request to the single short service number 4682 (from abroad the messages shall be sent to the number +380952952300). Such request must contain the customer’s access code provided during the registration.

In some minutes the SMS-message is received with the information on the card account balance in the following form (the messages format may be subject to change):

MTB: Rahunok: *<4 last digits of the account number> Dostupno:<available balance> Over:<overdraft limit> Rahunok:<personal funds of the customer Tel:0800500255

Where the account number is the number of the payment card of the customer in the Processing Center.

E-mail banking

E-mail banking provides the customers of the bank with the possibility to receive the statements on the funds flow on the card accounts and accounts balance via e-mails.


ATM services

Monetary funds receipt

This service is free by the cards of the acquiring bank and partner banks and subject to rates of the issuing bank in case of the third banks’ cards and non-residing banks.

The service of the possibility of printing the receipt directly during the cash withdrawal transaction using ATMs of the bank.

The essence of this service is that during the cash withdrawal in the ATM the receipt may be printed and provided to the customer at option. Thus, after the customer enters the amount of the transaction the ATM screen shows the corresponding question to the customer whether to print the receipt or not.

Possibility to change PIN-codes by the holders of the payment cards of the bank

This essence of this service is to provide the card holder with the possibility to change the PIN-code obtained during the issue of the card (and the card holder is not limited with the number of changes)

Possibility to pay for the mobile services online

The service envisages the receipt of the payments made to the benefit of the Vodafone and Life :) users. It allows the holders of the payment cards to add funds to the account of any customer of Vodafone and Life :) within 5 minutes and for any amount within the card account balance. For the pre-paid service users, the personal account amount shall not exceed 3000 UAH.

Mini-statement (customers option to obtain the information on his/her card account)

This service allows the customer to obtain the information on 5 (five) last transactions on his/her card accounts with indication of the date and time of the transaction.

Account balance view

The customer maybe informed on the funds in the account available for withdrawal or use as well as on the amount of monetary funds in the overdraft.


PJSC “MTB Bank” does its best to explain the information on the measures preventing different types of the modern cheating.

Unfortunately, the criminals often use the technological innovations to make their illegal transactions. Sometimes even ATMs may become the tool with the help of which the criminals steal money from the card accounts.

There are numerous ways of illegal receipt of the money using ATMs:

  • Using stolen card and PIN-code disclosed by the holder;
  • пSeeing PIN-code from above the shoulder of the holder with further stealing of the card
  • Blocking the cardreader in order to get the card;
  • Installing the false ATMs
  • Reading the information from the card (skimming) and issuing false (cloned) card.

The criminals are more and more actively use skimmers, the devices reading the information from the magnetic tape of the payment card and storing it in the memory (optionally by sending SMS or radio-signal). Such devices are installed on the ATM (the reader is installed on the card reader), the real keyboard is covered with the additional template or the hidden video camera is installed to fix the entered PIN-code.). The data obtained illegally are put on the “white” plastic and the foreign account is nullified using any ATM.

Another additional service allowing the criminals to use your account is the keyboard template due to which they learn the PIN code of your card or a disguised miniature video camera.

The skimmers and other cheating devices installed on the ATMs may be viewed here.

The newest ATMs are protected from illegal access by their design. But sometimes to protect them the simple preventive measures taken by the customer may be quite enough.

Using ATM make sure that it has normal view, without foreign devices installed on its cardreader, keyboard templates, without signs of unlock, and with flashing indicators. If you got used to withdraw money using the same ATM, try to remember its view. If the card reader looks to have been changed somehow it is better not to insert your card there.

Pay attention if the card reader is integral with the case. The skimmer always has gaps between the case of the ATM and the installed cover, and its color may be slightly different.

Information security rules and phishing protection

Rates for remote banking services can be found at the link.

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