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Underwriting services

Underwriting is trading in securities, which MTB bank carries out under the license of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission, series AE No. 185066, issued on 17 December 2012. Like the license for custody activities, its validity period is unlimited.

Stock underwriting

Underwriting means the sale and placement of securities – transactions that a professional trader conducts on behalf of and at the expense of the issuer. Stock underwriting is a transaction through which clients raise equity capital. As part of the service, the bank:

As an underwriter, the bank pays dividends, holds redeemed securities and acts as a paying agent.

Underwriting of corporate bonds

This transaction is used when the purpose of issuing bonds is to raise debt capital. Here the bank carries out the same transactions, but with bonds.


By participating in the issue of securities, MTB offers several options for cooperation. Each one differs by the obligation for the amount of mandatory redemption of assets. Bank can provide underwriting services with full or partial placement. In case of an obligation to place securities in full, a full placement of the issue is envisaged.

Find out about other advantages of this service, as well as the tax agent services, by calling the phone numbers in the header or visiting the MTB branch in your city in Ukraine.

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