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Underwriting services

The underwriting operations are conducted on the basis of license of NSSMC series АE № 185066 dated 17.10.2012 on the right to conduct professional activity in the field of securities trading – underwriting; the term of license validity is unlimited.

Underwriting - is the placement (subscription, sale) of securities by a professional party on the instructions, on the behalf and for the account of the issuer.

Stocks underwriting - is the transactions made by the bank on the instructions of clients, who want to perform the public stocks offering with the view of equity raising.


Underwriting of corporate bonds are the operations, conducted by the bank on the instructions of the clients, wanting to perform the public offer of the bonds with the view to attract the debt capital.


Placement of securities issue with full or partial redemption by agreement of the parties

PJSC “MTB BANK” taking part in the issue of securities being the underwriter may suggest several variants of placement of securities. All variants differ in the obligation of the underwriter concerning the amount of obligatory redemption of the securities.

In case of partial placement the PJSC “MTB BANK” assumes the liability on the obligatory redemption of the part of the planned issues by the agreement of parties.

In case of full placement the PJSC “MTB BANK” assumes the liabilities on complete redemption of the planned issue.


The change of the mandatory redemption obligation provides the issuers with a possibility to plan the cash inflow and arrange their financial cash flows prior attracting finance for business.

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