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Buying and Selling Domestic Government Bonds

     Domestic Government Bonds (DGBs) are issued by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and are the most reliable securities in the country. Government bonds redemption is guaranteed by the budget.

     Except the maximum reliability, DGBs have preferential taxation for individuals. Comply with the Tax Code of Ukraine (TCU), when calculating general taxation, the income of a tax payer does not include the following:

Investment income and interest on government bonds are military tax levied only, at the rate of 1.5% (cl. 1.7. Art. 161 TCU).

Currency DGB

     Some DGBs are denominated in US dollars / Euros: when bonds are redeemed, the US dollars / Euros are directly transferred into their owner account.

     Some DGBs are indexed at the USD / Euro rate. This means that when redeeming bonds, their owners receive hryvnia at the current USD / Euro exchange rate.

DGB terms for clients of the Personal Business Department in PJSC «MTB-BANK»

  1. Opening a securities account with PJSC “MTB BANK”
  2. Minimum purchase amount:
    1. In hryvnias – 300,000.00 (three hundred thousand) UAH;
    2. In foreign currency – 10,000.00 (ten thousand) USD/ Euros

Required papers:

Documents required for opening a securities account

  1. Individual tax ID registration number;
  2. Passport or other ID document certifying an identity, comply with requirements of the legislation, certified by signature of the owner; in the absence of a relevant information in the ID document - a paper that confirms the place of residence / stay of an individual

For more detailed information and execution of papers, please contact the account manager:

(050) - 785 - 02 - 25

(050) - 333 - 92 - 85

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