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Affiliate Program with Family Doctor Ambulatory

 Partnership program of MTB Bank and Family Doctor Outpatient Department - photo -

Upon presentation of the MTB Bank card or upon settlement through the outpatient clinic's POS-terminal, the cardholder receives a 10% discount for medical services (except for laboratory tests)

A network of "Family Doctor Outpatient Clinics"
  • Odessa, 8a Ilfa i Petrova street
  • Odessa, 33a Troitskaya street
  • Odessa, 11a Paustovsky street
  • Odessa, 49Fontanska Doroga street
  • Odessa, 60 Marselska street

Outpatient clinic network contact phones:

  • (095) 558-44-66,
  • (096) 558-44-66,
  • (073) 558-44-66,
  • (048) 750-44-66.

Outpatient clinic web-site:

Keep healthy!

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