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Integrated Package for Corporates

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Integrated Package for Corporates

Promotional tariff package with a reduced monthly fee. The package is aimed at servicing new clients-legal entities of small and commercial business. We did our best to provide maximal coverage of the range of services required for everyday operation including opening of the first current account in the bank, monthly settlement provision, “SMS-banking” and “E-mail banking” services, issue of basic and additional corporate card. 


Payments in UAH online 365 days a year

Opening the first current account in the bank;

Subscription fee for servicing all the current accounts;

Payments in favor of the clients of the Bank in the national currency;

Connection and servicing of the EPSs Internet-Banking MTB-B;

Issuance of monthly account statements;

“SMS-banking” and “E-mail banking” services;

Issue of corporate card MC Business / MC Debit Standard Contactless / Visa Classic payWave / MC Debit Gold Contactless or Visa Gold (at option)

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Obligatory conditions
  • Opening of the first current account;
  • Connecting the subscription fee for the settlement cash servicing of all the accounts together with the opening of the account
  • Connection of the monthly subscription fee for the rate package
  • Opening of the corporate card (MC Business / MC Debit Standard Contactless / Visa Classic payWave / MC Debit Gold Contactless or Visa Gold at option)
Transfer to standard conditions

Transfer to the service at standard rates is made as soon as the client disconnects from the mandatory service - automatically. In addition, if it is necessary to agree individual rates, the client is also transferred to the standard service conditions.

Procedure of execution

Execute an application

Fill out an application

Make an arrangement with the manager

At the meeting discuss terms and conditions and execute the documents

Integrated for Corporates

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