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Bills of exchange transactions

MTB BANK offers citizens of Ukraine a service of avalizing – partial or full payment of a bill for a party being liable on the bill. The service is used when the bill holder have doubts in paying capacity of the issuer. For more information about liabilities of the bank, including letters of credit, please call by phone numbers below.

Advantages of avalizing services offered by MTB BANK

Conditions of avalizing services provided by MTB BANK

The term of the agreement depends on the date of bill repayment (however not more than 12 months). The customer may be required to provide:

A deal may be unsecured, provided only that its expediency is justified and the requirement as to registration is met or activities are conducted for not less than 12 months. A fee for aval provided by the bank is 0.5 % of the nominal value (minimum UAH 500).

For more information about avalizing services or documentary encashment, turn to a consultant.

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