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Purchase of Securities by the Bank

MTB BANK is engaged in the purchase of various types of financial instruments depending on the situation on the international financial market. When preparing the list of financial instruments which can be purchased from the customers, specialists shall be governed by the internal policy of the bank and the date when the need arises for the customers to sell. Such information is provided by the securities department. If the customer finds it necessary to sell the securities from the portfolio, specialists will fulfill the request as soon as possible.

Purchase of government securities 

MTB BANK purchases government securities issued according to the requirements of the law of Ukraine. The issuer shall be a competent public authority. The government securities include:

As compared to other types of financial instruments, government securities are the most risk-free.

Purchase of corporate securities 

Corporate securities are securities issued according to the requirements of the applicable law of Ukraine. The issuer shall be enterprises of any form of ownership. One of the main advantages of this service is high yield, exceeding that of government securities and bank deposits.

Corporate securities allow to simplify various processes appearing in connection with economic activities of the issuer. They include:

Trading in this type of securities is allowed both on the organized and non-organized stock markets.

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