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Робота відділень Банку в період військового стану >>>


From 5 000 to 300 000 UAH
Real annual interest rate: from 86,03% до 92,31% per annum
From 1 to 3 years



YourCash  - photo - One-time commission: 2.99% of the loan

YourCash  - photo 2 - Annual interest rate: 61%


YourCash  - photo 3 - Loan from UAH 5,000 to UAH 300,000. without a pledge

YourCash  - photo 4 - Affordable interest rate

YourCash  - photo 5 - Loans for individuals and sole proprietors

YourCash  - photo 6 - Integration with the mobile app MTВ360

Terms of registration

To get a quick loan, you need to contact us in one of the ways:

YourCash  - photo 7 - leave a request on the site

YourCash  - photo 8 - to order "Call back"

YourCash  - photo 9 - call us at the contact number.

After checking your documents, you will receive money on your bank card.

Additional Services

YourCash  - photo 10 - Mobile application “MTB360”

For clients who receive a salary on the account opened in PJSC "MTB BANK", there is a service of contractual write-off from the salary account to the transit account is provided to repay the loan in the amount of the monthly loan payment and interest.

Documents for crediting

YourCash  - photo 11 - It is much easier to get an easy loan than, for example, on bail by real estate. You need to provide a passport of a citizen of Ukraine, TIN and a certificate of income.

YourCash  - photo 12 - If you still have questions about crediting, contact us in a convenient way.

According to Art. 17 of the Law

Warning! According to Art. 17 of the Law "On Consumer Crediting " The borrower has the right at any time in full or in part to repay the consumer loan, including by increasing the amount of periodic payments, notifying the Borrower in writing form.


Also, the Borrower has the right to withdraw from the consumer loan agreement (credit card) within 14 calendar days from the date of this agreement (in case of withdrawal from such an agreement, the client pays interest for the period of 3 days from receipt of funds to the date of return at the interest rate set by this agreement, and dses other actions provided by the Law of Ukraine "On Consumer Crediting " or the agreement).


Essential characteristics of the loan "YourCash"
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Warnings and possible consequences

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Repayment of a loan

Repayment of the loan and accrued interest is made starting from the second month from the date of the loan, monthly, in the amounts and within the terms specified in the loan agreement and loan repayment schedule, by transferring funds to a transit account opened for customer transactions with the Bank. in the loan agreement. 

Repayment scheme - annuity.

The monthly loan repayment dates are set in accordance with the loan date.

For example, if the loan is granted on the 13th date, the repayment date is set on the 13th of each month, starting from the date of the loan.

If the repayment date falls on a day off, the Borrower is obliged to repay the debt no later than the last business day preceding the repayment date.

Loan (credit card) application

After You have sent an application, a Bank officer will call you and inform you about the procedure of execution of the service package in the Bank department.

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