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Accident insurance

PJSC "MTB BANK" together with the insurance company "Respect" as part of a partnership program offer to use the accident insurance service. Current and new clients of MTB BANK PJSC can insure themselves.

Insurance risks:

An accident is a sudden, accidental, short-term, independent from the insured person’s will event that actually happened and led to a disruption of health (traumatic injury, burns, frostbite, accidental acute poisoning by poisonous plants, chemicals (industrial or household), medicines, poor-quality food products (with the exception of salmonellosis, dysentery), botulism, tick-borne encephalitis (encephalomyelitis), polio, rabies (due to an animal bite)) of the Insured person or his death. The following events that led to the violation of the health status or death of the Insured Person are also accidents: drowning, lightning or electric shock, bite of animals or poisonous insects, snakes, penetration of a foreign body, illegal actions of third parties.

Briefly about insurance conditions:

Insurance Options:

Scheme 1. Insurance in case of:

Scheme 2. Insurance in case of:

Upon occurrence of an insured event  The insured person must immediately (within 24 hours after the occurrence of the insured event) contact the RESPECT insurance company by calling:

and no later than three business days from the date of the insured event.

What is necessary for registration of the contract:

Insurance policy order

The contact person

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