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Seafarer Services

All seafarers and their relatives can use the special services provided by “MTB BANK”.

What does “MTB BANK” offer to seafarers?

We have prepared a number of advantageous offers to make your addressing the financial issues and interacting with the bank as comfortable as possible.

“Maritime” Deposit

This Deposit Program is purposefully intended for seafarers. A Depositor can:

Credit Programs

Under the “Maritime” Program one can get a loan to make a seafarer's employment contract, as well as to set sail.

We offer a loan for up to 12 months so that one can cover his/ her expenses related to concluding and executing an employment contract.

International Payment Cards

To make each of your flights comfortable and enjoyable, we offer a premium Visa payment system card, which will emphasize your status and provide a number of privileges around the world: Gold Sailor Card or Platinum Sailor Card.

Advantages of “MTB Bank”

In addition to the beneficial programs, we provide an opportunity to issue a Power of Attorney for third parties (for example, family members) to control your account. Moreover, one can benefit from the remote access services (such as “SMS Banking”, “Internet Banking” and “Email Banking”) to conduct transactions remotely.

Please, contact our managers in a convenient way to clarify the details. We also recommend you to review our memo for a bank customer.

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