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Volodymyr Dudnyk

Landscape painting is the main fund of the works of Volodymyr Dudnyk. Danube, Vylkove eriks, Bessarabian lakes Yalpug and Kugurluy, the grandeur of the natural landscape of Old Orhei, the steppe expanses of Budzhak come to life on the canvases of the artist, and provincial motifs from the life of cities and villages of Bessarabia (Izmail, Bolhrad, Vylkove) evoke a sense of peace, tranquility, patriarchal inviolability. Realistic landscapes organically complement the motives of the path, contemplation, the search for eternal values.

Vladimir Dudnik - author of a series of philosophical works on beating      symbols of geometric shapes (circle, square, cube, pyramid)      with realistic images. In his opinion, y (ball) as geometric      figure - perfect and perfect, has a natural shape (earth, sun, moon,      drop, circles on the water).

Dudnyk is the author of a series of philosophical works with playing out the symbols of geometric figures (circle, square, cube, and pyramid) with realistic images. In his opinion, a circle (ball) as a geometric figure is ideal and perfect, has a natural shape (earth, sun, moon, drop, circles on the water). Cube, square, pyramid - are the result of intelligent creativity of people. The artist believes that a person is born as a ball (perfect form), one with nature and God, but over time, society begins to trim the ball - to make a cube-brick from this sphere, from which it is easier to build a pyramid (state, society). Inside a man, all the same, there remains a small ball (Soul), which languishes, knowing something more than is known to the mind. The philosophical canvases of Volodymyr Dudnyk are one of the ways of knowing the spiritual secrets of the universe.

Tetiana Shevchuk, Ph.D.,
professor, art critic,
member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

Balance. 2016. 80х60.Volodymyr Dudnyk - photo -
Looking through the looking glass. 2009. 60х80.Volodymyr Dudnyk - photo 2 -
Dialog. 2016. 60х70.Volodymyr Dudnyk - photo 3 -
vanity of vanities. 2013. 60х70.Volodymyr Dudnyk - photo 4 -
The sacrament of communion. 70х70.Volodymyr Dudnyk - photo 5 -
Languor of the spirit. 60х60.Volodymyr Dudnyk - photo 6 -
Dream melody. 2009. 80х70.Volodymyr Dudnyk - photo 7 -
Cleansing. 2014. 80х60.Volodymyr Dudnyk - photo 8 -
Blade or last straw of patience. 65х75.Volodymyr Dudnyk - photo 9 -
In the image or likeness of the Golden Ratio. 2013. 60х80.Volodymyr Dudnyk - photo 10 -
Faith. 2010. 60х120.Volodymyr Dudnyk - photo 11 -
Shagreen skin or Fate Vector. 60х120.Volodymyr Dudnyk - photo 12 -

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