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Olga Kotova

“Serene Highness” or “Queen of the Seas” - this is how Venice was called at various times. The author invites the viewer to take a fascinating walk to this magical Italian city in the lagoon, built on stilts. The exhibition presents works of 2016 - 2018.

A little background. Being in position, my mother traveled to Italy. And somewhere in Rome, she, like many tourists and pilgrims, rubbed her foot on the statue of St. Peter, asking for a girl to be born, and then I was born. Since then, and pulls to Italy. In 1999, they did manage to go there, that is, in Italy and in France as part of the internship “Discover Contemporary French Art”. It was an unforgettable time, especially spent in Venice, with new impressions, emotions and visual images. In addition to masterpieces in the Academy, cathedrals, museums, the city itself is a work of art. I remember the quiet singing of the gondoliers, silently gliding through the water. In times of fog, the city, like a ghost, disappears and emerges from the gray haze. And in clear weather, in the evenings, the descending sun is reflected in the water in a scattering of precious glare. Quiet narrow streets pass into one another and merge at the Basilica of Sts. Mark, where a lot of pigeons are swarming in the square. Dates, break-ups and new meetings take place along the embankments, where the unhurried audience watches as black swans-gondolas swarm softly on the waves on the waves.

My philosophy

Odessa – is my native and most beloved city in the world. As a native of Odessa, I am proud of it, and I always take close to my heart to see any local events. Lover in the center of the city with Duke, Pushkin, Opera House (the grandmother's brother was the director of Opera, and even the topic of the diploma at the Odessa State Art School was as follows: "In the theater"). In my own way I like Moldavanka with its special color, humor, cats and dogs. And how it is possible not to admire the sea, its color, different in any weather and time of day (not at all black), its smell ... At every step, stories, Odessa stories are born.

Olga Kotova

Bridge of sighs. 2016. 100х50Olga Kotova - photo -
Travel to Venice. 2016. 100х50Olga Kotova - photo 2 -
Grand Canal in Venice. 2016. 60х80.Olga Kotova - photo 3 -
In the port. 2016. 70х80Olga Kotova - photo 4 -
Morning in Venice. 2016. 34х92Olga Kotova - photo 5 -
Walk around Venice. 2016. 34х92Olga Kotova - photo 6 -
Summer Yacht Club. 2017. 60х80Olga Kotova - photo 7 -
Yachts. 2018. 60х80Olga Kotova - photo 8 -
Venetian gondolas. 2016. 55х100Olga Kotova - photo 9 -
The nights after the carnival in Venice. 2016. 60х100Olga Kotova - photo 10 -
Carnival near the Basilica of San Marco. 2016. 70х100Olga Kotova - photo 11 -
Venetian canal. 2016. 80х60Olga Kotova - photo 12 -

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