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Mini CASCO is a motor vehicle insurance program developed by MTB Bank jointly with Respect insurance company for our customers. Like the Third Party Liability Insurance policy, you will need to sign this agreement at an MTB branch or complete an online application form on our website.

Terms and conditions:

You can insure any motor vehicle under this program. Other terms and conditions:

Like the holders of Foreign Travel Insurance package, an insured must call Respect insurance company within 24 hours after occurrence of an insured event. Regardless of whether insured or driver was found to be at fault in causing the road accident, s(he) must make the relevant statement within three business days after occurrence of an insured event.

Insurance risks:

Option 1 - the price of the Insurance Contract is 500 UAH:

Option 2 - the price of the insurance contract is 3000 UAH:

Upon occurrence of an insured event The insured person must immediately (within 24 hours after the occurrence of the insured event) contact the RESPECT insurance company by calling:

and no later than three working days from the moment of the occurrence of the insured event, provide a written statement about the occurrence of the event in the form established by the Insurer.

What you need to complete the contract?

How to make the insurance agreement?

To make a Mini CASCO insurance agreement, you have to provide your passport of the citizen of Ukraine, motor vehicle registration card, identification code and the vehicle itself for inspection and photographing. Bring these documents to an MTB branch or complete an online application form. An MTB representative will call you to tell you more about the advantages of this program, and also, about our accident insurance and other services.

Insurance policy order

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