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COVID-19 Protection Program

In connection with the large-scale epidemic of coronavirus infection, our partner, IC Universalna, developed the insurance product “Protection against COVID-19”.

This product provides an opportunity to offset the cost of treatment in case of detection of the virus.

Insured events

Amount of payments, UAH



Death as a result of infection with a coronavirus COVID-19

50 000

100 000

Inpatient treatment for the effects of COVID-19 infection

5 000

10 000

Insurance payments for persons aged 3 to 50 years

Insurance payment

3 months


1 100

6 months


1 800

Insurance payments for persons aged 51 to 60 years

Insurance payment

3 months


3 200

6 months

2 800

5 600

Online consultation of doctors (Doctor online)

3 months - 180 UAH .;

6 months - 360 UAH.

There is an additional discount for family insurance - 10%.

How to get compensation?

In case of a positive test for COVID-19 and if necessary hospitalization for more than 5 days, you are given ten days to contact the insurance company. Of course, it is recommended to do this as quickly as possible. The company transfers funds to your account immediately after receiving an extract from the hospital. Checks do not need to be stored and provided. The limits are fixed, we need the conclusion of the study on COVID-19 and an extract from the medical record.

Important! Insurance is possible by phone, without visiting a bank branch.

Insurance policy order

The contact person

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