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Mobile Banking

The "Mobile Banking" service is provided to individuals, legal entities and individuals-entrepreneurs. It allows the clients to manage their accounts using mobile devices based on Android and iOS platforms, receive account statements and balances, and generate and control payment documents.

- Convenient
- Mobile
- Everything is under control

The Mobile Banking service allows legal entities and entrepreneurs, clients of PJSC "MTB BANK", to manage their accounts using smartphones and tablets based on Android or iOS systems.
The functionality of the service is almost identical to the functionality of the Internet Banking service.

Using the Mobile Banking, the clients can:
- create and send payment documents to the bank (in national currency);
- control their accounts, obtain statements and balances on the accounts;
- control payments and set limits on the amount of payment, exceeding which it will be necessary to receive confirmation from them;
- control the list of recipients;
- review exchange rates;
- view the location of the nearest bank office and ATMs of the bank on the map.

To use the Mobile Banking service it is necessary to be a client of PJSC "MTB BANK" - to have an open current account and activate the Internet Banking service.

You may consult your manager on applying for the Internet Banking service. Regarding technical questions in connection to system operation, you should contact technical support specialists.

Instructions on connecting and using the Mobile Banking service

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