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MTBANK for the first time funded an agricultural producer for a “vegetable” agricultural receipt.

 MTB BANK issued the first in Ukraine financial agricultural receipt for the harvest of root crops - photo -

PJSC "BANK MTB" in the middle of Ukraine’s banks by giving agro-worker financial assistance and securing financial agrarian receipts from May Day carrots at the outposts. It became possible for the managers of the Project “Agrarian Supplementation in Ukraine”. MTB BANK is actively involved in the agrarian list tool, which is considered a project of IFC, a group of the Svitovy Bank for pdtrimki of the Swiss Confederation. At 2019, the MTB Bank has presented a decile of exclusive programs of credit to agrovirobnikіv from rural agrarian lists on the market. Moreover, a credit bank does not have only traditional crops (cereals, olives), but rather quiet fruits and vegetables. On the 29th of the fall, in the Mikola і viddilenny PAT “MTB BANK”, first in Ukraine under the program “Agro New” and the loan company TOV “Adonis Agro Pivden”, in order to take care of the vegetable crops in Mykolaivshchyna ta. Yak zabpechenennya on the loan of the bullion adopted financial institution agrarian registration for the sum of ponad three miles hryvnia pid outpost harvest carrots. Welcome, farmers of the fruit and vegetable sector to get free access to a bank loan, ale zavdyaki programs "Agro New" virobniks of fresh vegetables and fruits to make it possible to get the necessary resources for your business.

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