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“Platinum” service program

The “Platinum” service program is an information and organizational support on the territory of Ukraine and abroad. All payment card holders, regardless of their card class, can join the program. 


You can connect to the Platinum service program in the branches of PJSC "MTB BANK".


Business services

  1. Providing contact information of government and state agencies
  2. Providing information about exchange rate of NBU, interbank market, FOREX
  3. Providing information about codes, indexes, distances, coefficients
  4. Providing contact information of international organizations (embassies, consulates, representations)
  5. Providing information about location of banks, branches of banks, ATMs
  6. Providing information about partner banks
  7. Searching for conference rooms
  8. Organizing safety at business meetings and negotiations.

Medicine in Ukraine

  1. Doctor home visit
  2. Organizing diagnostical and medical procedures
  3. Home delivery of medicine
  4. Providing medical and consultative assistance
  5. Organizing medical examinations
  6. Organizing inpatient treatment.

Providing information services

  1. About addresses and telephones of institutions, organizations, companies
  2. About atmospheric pressure, air humidity, wind speed, magnetic storms
  3. Hot news
  4. Information of reference and background type
  5. Weather forecast in the world
  6. Political and economic situation in the countries
  7. Calculation of distances between cities
  8. Time difference between cities in the world
  9. Telephone codes of cities and countries

 Virtual office

  1. Providing information and organizing elite services - yachts, helicopters, airplanes
  2. Reminding about important meetings, calls, events
  3. Organizing conference calls
  4. Organizing courier services
  5. Orientation in unfamiliar terrain
  6. Searching information on the Internet (the result is displayed either verbally or electronically)
  7. Providing background information - telephones, addresses. dates, events, and more


  1. Providing information about exhibitions and cultural events
  2. Providing information on diving, rafting, parachuting
  3. Delivery of elite drinks
  4. Ordering artists for a private party and at home.
  5. Ordering tickets to cinema, night clubs, concerts, theaters, sports events. Brief movie reviews
  6. Booking and reserving tables in restaurants
  7. Ordering and delivery of cakes
  8. Ordering a taxi, limousine
  9. Providing information about pizzerias, cafes, bars, pubs
  10. Providing information on rollers, roller skates, hippodromes, pinball and laser battles.
  11. Organizing of drawings
  12. Organizing “autopilot” service
  13. Organizing extreme rest
  14. Organizing various festive events
  15. Providing information about the results of sporting events
  16. Advising on leisure planning
  17. Providing information on TV programs of air and satellite channels
  18. "What’s on" service (theaters, cinemas, concert halls)
  19. “Night” service (nightclub reviews and programs)
  20. Organizing exotic rest


  1. Calling “computer ambulance”
  2. Calling the emergency lock opening
  3. Providing information on dry cleaning and laundry services
  4. Providing information on services of florists, designers, decorators
  5. Organizing repair of home appliances at home
  6. Organizing gardener services
  7. Interior decoration
  8. Searching for home security
  9. Searching for landscape design specialists
  10. Searching for construction companies
  11. Providing realtor services
  12. Advising on the topic "garden and vegetable patch "
  13. Calling public utility services (fitter, electrician, plumber, etc.)
  14. Organizing of housekeeper services


  1. Astrological forecasts, information on signs of the zodiac, compatibility of couples
  2. Ordering and delivery of medical products
  3. Ordering and delivery of flowers and gifts
  4. Ordering sewing of clothes
  5. Ordering and delivery of food from supermarkets
  6. Providing information on discounts, personal shopping
  7. Consulting on life insurance, health and property
  8. Organizing family safety measures
  9. Searching for domestic staff (nannies, governesses, tutors)
  10. Searching for kindergartens, schools, high schools
  11. Searching for and purchasing of pets of rare breeds
  12. Searching for and purchasing of rare books, paintings
  13. Advices from professional photographers, ordering portfolios
  14. “Recipe-book” service
  15. Family cooker's services


  1. Calling up visagists, hairdressers, massage therapists
  2. Ordering cosmetology services
  3. Ordering of saunas, baths, solarium
  4. Searching for personal trainer
  5. Providing information on beauty salons, SPA and massage parlors
  6. Providing information about sports and fitness centers

Assistance to third parties

  1. Organizing services at the expense of the recipient (a relative, a close person or just a stranger)

Travel services 

Traveling abroad

  1. Route calculation, search and booking of airline tickets
  2. Providing hotel information, villas, search, booking
  3. Organizing transfers
  4. Providing information about weather in the world
  5. Simultaneous interpretation services
  6. Searching and booking of tours
  7. Assistance with IAPA Navigation
  8. Visa support
  9. Providing information on rental of cars, yachts, helicopters, search of the best options, ordering
  10. Providing information on discounts from partners

Traveling around Ukraine

  1. Ordering a guide
  2. Ordering and delivery of air and railway tickets
  3. Ordering of hotels, camping, boarding houses
  4. Organizing air and water transport rent
  5. Organizing tours
  6. Providing information on schedules of air travel and railway transportation
  7. Providing information on schedule of buses
  8. Travel advices

Medicine abroad

  1. Organizing referral to a doctor
  2. Organizing consultations, surveys, delivery of analyzes
  3. Assisting in choosing the best treatment or rehab program
  4. Developing an individual diagnostic and treatment programs
  5. Organizing sanatorium and resort diagnostics and treatment
  6. Organizing restorative postoperative treatment
  7. Organizing rehabilitation program
  8. Organizing plastic surgery
  9. Organizing collection of documents for visa issuance
  10. Providing a guarantee for payment of medical expenses at the availability of a deposit
  11. Organizing transfer and meeting at the airport
  12. Registration of documents and accommodation of accompanying persons
  13. Organizing services of specialized translators
  14. Organizing and accompanying of foreign specialists’ arrival to Ukraine for individual medical consultations
  15. Searching for specialized medical establishments abroad

Car service

  1. Appointing for passing the vehicle technical maintenance, providing information about the cost, frequency
  2. Organizing conference calls with the specialist of service stations
  3. Searching and ordering of spare parts, supplies, providing information about the price, manufacturer
  4. Providing the "Book of Complaints" service on the poor quality of service of technical maintenance station
  5. Navigation on the road. Indication of the road and escort
  6. Searching for parking places, hotels, gas stations, service stations, places for rest
  7. Booking of rooms in hotels of Ukraine
  8. Providing information on highways - infrastructure, condition, traffic jams
  9. Organizing technical assistance (with a discount of 10%): replacing a wheel, gasoline delivery, emergence opening of car doors, starting the engine from the external battery
  10. Organizing evacuation of a car in case of breakage or accident (10% discount)
  11. Telephone legal counseling in case of emergency

Assistance upon occurrence of an insurance event

  1. Consulting and providing recommendations on insurance case by phone
  2. Providing recommendations on correct actions in case of an accident
  3. Informing the insurance company and conference communication with the specialists of the IC
  4. Consulting on the reimbursement from the IC
  5. Calling for emergency services at the scene
  6. Calling the claims adjuster.
  7. Organizing expert evaluation

 You can join the “Platinum” service program at the branches of PJSC "MTB BANK".

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