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Operations with Securities

MTB BANK offers a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation on the financial market to residents and non-residents of Ukraine. We offer a list of services related to transactions with financial instruments. For professional advice from personal specialist, please call by phone numbers at the website header.

List of services provided by MTB BANK

Customers of MTB BANK are provided with a range of professional brokerage services related to the operation of the OTC and stock exchange markets. On the instruction of the customer, specialists of the securities department shall purchase and sell the following securities:

All transactions shall be conducted according to the requirements of the applicable law of Ukraine and solely on personal instruction of the customer.

Advantages of services provided by MTB BANK

MTB BANK is engaged in trading on the stock exchange and beyond. Each customer will be provided with a specialist, whose task is to fulfill the customer’s request regarding transactions with financial instruments, monitor the market situation, and analyze the investment perspectives. For detailed advice and a full range of brokerage services, please call by phone numbers below.

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